1.The Admission process will be started in September and the Open Day will be usually held in October. (Please call us for more information.)
Our school accepts application of admission all year round. After the application has been received, we will call parents to arrange an interview.If you are interested please download the application form, (application form ) hard copy is available from our school.
2.Please bring the completed application forms along with the following items to our campus:
Monday to Friday : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
3.or mail to G/F, Hong Ying Court, Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin, and Kowloon. ,inculde:
  • - 1.5’x 2’photos and paste it to the application form
  • - Photocopy of Hong Kong birth certificate
  • - Photocopy of Immunization Record
  • - 3 Stamped envelopes with your home address
4.Application Fee $40 to be paid on the day of interview and the application fee will not be refunded
5.Our school will contact you for interview once we have received your application.

Interview arrangements

1.The interview will be decided by Balloting Results.
2.The date and time of the interview will be arranged by the school and it will be notified by post. Parents are requested to attend the interview as scheduled.
3.Interviews are mainly conducted in Cantonese. Putonghua or English interviews can be arranged if necessary.
4.Interviews contains into two parts: group activities and individual. Parents can accompany with their child.
5.Admission criterion (for references) :
  • - The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration
  • - The applicant with sibling(s) graduated from the kindergarten
  • - The applicant who have the ability to do their age related performances
  • - Observation criteria: Courtesy, self-awareness, speaking/talking, understanding, concentration, observation and other areas.
  • - If the applications exceeds the number of approved applicants, school will arrange the Balloting Results to match the number of applicants required.
  • - Whole-Day Class will give to the priority to the needy families (E.G. Dual-Family) As well as other special needs for full time classes (E.G. families with a disability member must be cared at home).
  • If necessary, the school may request applicants to attend a second interview. Parents concerned will be informed individually.

Admission Process Arrangement

1.By the end of December, our school will notify students who have been admitted by post. Those who have not been admitted will also be notified by post.
If you have not received any letter by mid-January, you may contact the school office at 2772 3163.
2.Students who have been admitted, their parents will be required to do the first round of registration and submit the following documents:
  • - Submitting the Registration Certificate, The school will issue a receipt of the Registration Certificate to the parents
  • - The registration fee of $ 800 will be paid. (If the applicant withdraws the Registration Certificate, the registration fee will not be refunded)
3.Parents may be notified by telephone if the school have enrollment place; or parents may refer to the K1 vacancy information for kindergartens published by the Education Bureau at the beginning of February
4.By the end of April, Parents will be notify for the second round of registration by post. Parents are required to pay school books fees, school uniform and students’ materials.

Withdrawal the Kindergarten Admission

1.Parents can withdrawal the Kindergarten admission anytime. Acknowledgement receipt submit to school if parents need to take the Registration Certificate. Please note the application fees will not be refunded

Centralised registration dates

1.The “Centralised registration dates “are scheduled from 9th January, 2020 to 11st January, 2020
2. Admission Arrangements of Education Bureau
Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2020/21 School Year:

Coming Soon...


報名費 HK$40
半日班註冊費 HK$800
全日班註冊費 HK$1,000


幼兒中心 每月 HK$1,900
幼稚園 幼兒班學費 每月 *免費
低班學費 每月 *免費
高班學費 每月 *免費
全日班 每月 *免費
膳食費 每月 HK$350



(供家長參考, 詳情可向學校查詢)

上學期 下學期
K1 K2 K3 K1 K2 K3
教材(中,英文,普通話書) HK$379 HK$431 HK$431 HK$379 HK$431 HK$431
多媒體教材 HK$155 HK$155 HK$155 HK$155 HK$155 HK$155
歌集 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52
簿册及活動用品 HK$257 HK$291 HK$426 HK$194 HK$392 HK$437
文具及美勞用品 HK$280 HK$380 HK$420 HK$336 HK$456 HK$504


(供家長參考, 詳情可向學校查詢)

上學期 下學期
K1 K2 K3 K1 K2 K3
教材(中,英文,普通話書) HK$417 HK$444 HK$444 HK$417 HK$444 HK$444
多媒體教材 HK$156 HK$156 HK$156 HK$156 HK$156 HK$156
歌集 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52 HK$52
簿册及活動用品 HK$371 HK$300 HK$438 HK$196 HK$394 HK$442
文具及美勞用品 HK$300 HK$400 HK$440 HK$360 HK$480 HK$504