About us

Children are stepping into the 21st Century, an era overloaded with information; learning can no longer only rely on the teachers’ preaching, pupils should also be guided the way to seek knowledge on their own. In their school lives, we encourage children to learn through visiting exhibitions and exploring in order to arouse their curiosity. Kids are born to be learner; we have a commitment to nurture them to become explorers’ knowledge, rather than followers. Children experience joy when they have discovered new knowledge. We believe such joy the children experience will let them understand the true happiness of learning and start their voyage of life-long learning.

We always bear in mind our school motto, “Loyalty, Filial Piety, Diligence and Honesty” and “Serving the community”. We aim to nurture the virtue of “Love your neighbor and yourself” to our pupils through teaching them to “self love, self care, self discipline, self learning and to gain independence”. It is our goal to see our pupils be moral and responsible citizens and to know how to love themselves and care for others.

We believe discovery is the foundation of learning, therefore some exploring learning activities are included in the curriculum to let children learn from operation and experience. A wide spectrum of activities, for instance, music, creative art, information technology, physical education, science experiment, role play and outdoor activities are organized to broaden the pupils’ horizons. Our school has adopted the spiral learning theory; which is to adjust the difficulty of the curriculum, based on the child ability.


In order to ensure our students can adjust into their primary school life well, bridging courses will be offered to K3 students. We pursue Bi-literacy and Tri-lingual’s so our curriculum includes both English and Putonghua. This is to ensure the sound language foundations of our pupils.